Top 10 Christian Dating Websites to find Love in 2021- Free and Paid

christian dating sites
christian dating sites

According to the bible, a man shall leave his parents to start the family of his own and to do that you must find your missing rib. Do you sometimes have this feeling that God is connecting you to someone special, but you cannot just place your head around it? Well, there is no way you can find out if you do not step outside your comfort zone to consummate that plan of finding that one God has for you. Most of the times single Christians end up either meeting someone that will eventually make them deviate from their Christian believes or end up backsliding in their faith which is risky for the faith. Well, we have compelled some online Christian dating websites where you can find that Christians soul mate of yours near you.

Most of these online sites are free while others need some subscription to become a (full) member. Christians who are interested in finding their soul mate should take note that those dating platforms we mentioned below do their matching based on comparability, which means you might find it a bit difficult to meet your compatible match at one shot. But one of the secrets to finding a compatible mate is interaction, get the desirable mate and engage him/her, start up a conversation with them, it is just a matter of time before you start being comfortable with them hence, compatible. Below are the best Christian websites you can sign-up to find love this year.

Top 10 Christian Dating Sites


This is an online Christian dating site that focused on match-making Christian singles, all visitors need to do is fill in their Christian denomination before they could sign up on the platform. The options include Anglican, Seventh-day, Adventist, Pentecost, Baptist, Catholic, Adventist South Baptist, and Methodist. There are other options like none denominational and interdenominational, though the platform is free, you have to subscribe in order to communicate with your match.


This is a free Christian online dating platform that allows Christians to find each other’s, intimate partner. Its features include:

  • View me – this is where you see people who viewed your profile or status.
  • Winks – this is where you see mostly winks, as in people that winked (flirt) at you like you have “poke” on Facebook.
  • Favorites – this is where people you view or chat the most are placed for easy access.
  • Chat – this is where you chat with your friends on the platform, as in start up a conversation.
  • Online – this is where you find people that are online at the moment, and you can also view “now user” from there.

This Christian online dating site is partially free, users are meant to register for free, after some few days of “free trial” period,  you will be due to subscribe to continue. Some of its unique features includes online live chat and, share testimonies. Other features include:

  • Denomination – this is where you find singles from different denominations like Armenian, Adventist, Catholics, Messianic, e.t.c. this site through this feature just like the other online dating platforms has options like the Adventist Match, Adventist Singles, Armenian Christian singles, Black Adventist Singles e.t.c.
  • States – this feature helps you search through countries and state so as to locate the nearest date close to you. Included in this feature are Nebraska Christian singles, Portugal Christian dating & single, South African Christian dating & single, Taiwan Christian dating & singles e.t.c.
  • Ethnicity – this is where you find different Christians from all ethnic geography, in this feature you see options like Denmark Christian dating & singles, Ecuador Christian dating and single, Peru Christian dating & singles e.t.c.

This is a Christian dating platform meant for Adventist singles, but anybody can actually participate so far as you are a Christian. Its features include Bible verse of the day, Adventist News, Women’s profile Tour, Men’s profile Tour, and Affiliate section where you get paid by just refereeing other people to the site.


This is another completely free dating site for Christians, you are meant to meet and interact with your fellow Christian singles of different backgrounds and ages anywhere in the world, and it is absolutely free. Its features include:

  • Singles – this is where you get to meet Christian singles from all the countries of the world.
  • Wedding – this is where you find pictures and exciting wedding moments of individuals who met in or out of the platform.

The platform is also considered the safest when it comes to protecting members profile against scammers.


This is a Christian online love-match that connects Christians from all around the world. This online platform gives you an opportunity to find your soul mate in the Christian community. Its feature includes testimonies and other few primary menus that allow you to mingle with other Christian singles. is not entirely free as it has 3 months free trial period.


This is an Australian based Christian dating site that allows single Christians to meet each other. This platform is considered the largest Australian Christian dating platform, its features include search section where you can type in your information of whom you wish to meet. Another is the “success story” section where both singles or married tell their relationship success story.


This is another platform where you meet thousands of Christian singles; in this platform, you have the opportunity of meeting with over 130,000 Christian singles from different places all over the world. This free Christian site has few features which include success stories, the login, and the signup section.


This Christian dating website just like the Bulevar Games is known for its dominance in Africa, this dating has won the Daters’ Favorite Site UK dating Awards in 2015, 2016, 2017, and also has been featured in BBC, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Independent. Thousands of Christian’s couples actually met through this platform and their testimonies can be seen in the success story section. Its features include success stories, Events and Meetups, and “Compare Membership” section where members can upgrade their membership after some 3 days free trial.


This is often called “the original Christian Dating platform”, it is a free dating platform where you can meet your fellow Christian singles. This platform already has over 26,000 members and still counting. This platform doesn’t have many features, just the free offer section, the sign-up section, and the login section.

There are other Christian dating websites but the ones we mentioned are considered the most recommendable. Good luck on your journey to finding your soul mate. Cheers.

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