The Best Dating Apps for Hook-Ups

Best hookup apps
Best hookup apps

In the new modern world of romance and online dating, not every match has to be a long-term relationship. Sometimes you can just choose to meet for a one-night stand or a casual acquaintance, keeping the stress out of your dating life while maintaining the fun and lightheartedness of first and second dates with interesting partners. The wide array of dating platforms offer plenty of opportunities to find a good hookup, but it can be hard to know which platform does what, so we’ve compiled a shortlist of dating apps and the benefits they offer so you know exactly where to go for your next hook-up hottie search.


The dating classic, Tinder has been associated by the world as the premier destination for hook-up searches, and for good reason. The popular app is famous for its match system and chat options that pair local singles together for a night of fun and freedom. Especially popular among college-age students and young adults, this app uses a swipe-based like system to generate matches among profiles, allowing mutually-liked users to chat with each other and start a conversation. Finding a hottie for your weekend hook-up has never been easier with Tinder around!


Perfect for couples looking to add some adventurous sex into their regular routine, 3Fun allows singles and couples to search for three-person groupings in their area. Couples can share an account, which is a unique feature special to 3Fun, and much like Tinder or other popular platforms, a mutual like from all parties will open a conversation where potential partners can decide how and on what terms a hook-up might take place. Fun and hook-ups abound on this inventive app.


Pure is designed for those on-the-go moments when you need to satisfy an immediate need for a hook-up. Pure shows your profile and picture for an hour at a time, which ensures privacy while also pairing you with people who are in your area and also immediately interested in the same things you are. Once you’re a member, it’s easy to submit a request for your potential partner and get connected to a profile that’s also looking for no-strings-attached sex, like right now. Take hook-ups to new heights with the immediacy and privacy of Pure.


Craving a romantic meet-cute, but also wanting the immediacy and hotness factor of a one-night stand? Happn’s got you covered. Once you’ve finished setting up your profile, Happn sets a wide geographic radius and looks for other users in your area who you may have physically crossed paths with earlier without even knowing it. These users get flagged as matches, who you can then connect with and share your fun story of meeting without really meeting each other. Find a hook-up you’ve already met and trust the immediacy and romance of Happn.


Wild promotes itself as the fastest-growing dating platform for hot singles seeking hook-ups, chance encounters, and one-night stands. Boasting a wide variety of users and plenty of men and women who are ready to meet and hook-up, Wild uses a similar matching strategy to apps like Tinder or 3Fun to pair complementary and similar profiles with each other to generate mutual interest. With no daily limit on likes, the possibilities are endless and your options diverse. Catering to people from all walks of life, Wild is sure to leave you with several stories from your wild night of passion.


OkCupid is the perfect happy medium of dating apps, ideal for people who don’t want anything to do with mindless swiping apps, but who also don’t want to feel like they’re desperately looking for marriage. With over 50,000 casual dates set per week through the platform, OkCupid works to pair singles together for meaningful moments, even if they are relatively fleeting. OkCupid is also one of the more diverse sites when it comes to gay and lesbian members, offering a variety of profiles to match whatever your preference may be. Enjoy a hook-up with someone you genuinely like thanks to the hard work of OkCupid, and with a little luck, it may even turn into something more.


Billed as the dating app that’s meant to be deleted, Hinge may not seem like a hook-up app at first. Designed as a more serious older sibling in contrast to sister party platform Tinder, Hinge presents a more serious take on casual dating that’s meant to appeal to young professionals looking for an adult relationship. However, just because the atmosphere of Hinge is more professional doesn’t mean that hook-ups are off the table. Hinge is on a mission to match people based on their personalities and deepest desires, so it could very well be that your Hinge match is the perfect hook-up partner for you anyways!

Though each dating app offers a different angle to hook-ups, some stand out above the fray as superior for the hook-up scene. Tinder is a staple of the hook-up field that consistently provides 20-somethings with hook-ups and hotties no matter your gender or preference. 3Fun and Pure explore more adventurous aspects of the hook-up world, allowing you to get in touch with your wild side, while seemingly more polished sites like Happn or Hinge create opportunities for people to meet compatible partners anyways. No matter what your preference is, one of these apps is sure to be the best fit for you when it comes to finding the perfect hook-up partner, so get out there and start swiping to find your perfect hook-up pal today.

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