OkCupid Dating Site Review


OkCupid is a popular and easy to use online dating website and mobile app. Although it is based in the United States, OkCupid opens its membership to people all throughout the world. The structure of the platform is very open to a diverse range of people. This is not a hookup dating website by any means. It is geared more toward people who are looking to socialize, form friendships, and possibly start a long-term relationship with somebody else. Since there are millions of people registering for memberships every month on OkCupid, it is definitely a dating platform that has more potential matches than your average dating platform.

How Does It Work

The sign-up process on OkCupid is rather simple. In fact, the design of the website and app are simple too. Anyone who is not technologically minded should not have a problem navigating their way around. When you first go to the website, you will see a clearly labeled button for beginning the sign-up process. You will be taken to a screen that lets you immediately start creating your profile. If you have a Facebook account, you can integrate that information to speed things along. It will then ask you to create the “Best. Password. Ever.”

Once the preliminary information is filled out, you will be taken to the profile questionnaire. You will just need to answer 7 simple questions that require “yes” or “no” answers. They are personality-based questions which assist the matching system in connecting you with the most compatible members. After the questions are answered, the local singles in your area will be displayed on the screen. You will need to select the 3 best singles from this list. The matching algorithm will learn from your choices so that it gives you better match recommendations in the future.

OkCupid is mostly free to use. You can search for other members, browse profiles, and even communicate with other members without having to upgrade to a premium membership. During your searches, you can see which members are online. You can even choose to “like” the profiles of members that interest you. However, you can only see their photograph, username, and geographical location if you have a free membership. An upgrade is required to see more information about them.

Unique Features

To help you find the closest matches possible, OkCupid has something called DoubleTake. This is a feature which displays the profile details of one possible close match at a time. When you filled out your profile and entered information under “Looking For,” this information gets used by DoubleTake to recommend the best match possible. If you don’t like the match, then you can choose “pass” and move on to the next profile. If you want to see more information on the match, you choose “like.”

OkCupid has totally transformed its layout and design. It previously had a traditional design that is common with dating platforms. But now, they have a totally new social media type design that greatly resembles Instagram because of how visually oriented it is. This makes the platform feel more casual and user-friendly.



It is free to signup for a basic membership on OkCupid. If you wish to upgrade to a paid membership and enjoy the extra features, the cost starts at only $9.99 per month. You can also choose to pay $23.85 for 3 months or $29.70 for 6 months.



The biggest advantage of OkCupid is the ability to search and communicate with other members for free. This will give you a clear indication as to whether you can find suitable matches there. Also, the dating platform has a very visual design which makes it easy to use and find your way around. People of all ages can adapt to the design without any problems.

There are two ways to access the OkCupid dating platform. You can go to the website on your computer or access the app on your mobile device. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. This wide range of accessibility makes the platform user-friendly for just about everybody.

There are millions of members using OkCupid. This increases your chances of finding a compatible match, especially if you live in a big city.


There are ads displayed on the platform if you are a free member. You are required to upgrade to a paid membership if you want to eliminate all the ads. This is especially convenient to do if you’re on a mobile device. In addition, you cannot see which users have liked your profile or have read your messages without upgrading.

As great as it is to search and communicate for free, this does leave open the door for scammers and people who are not serious about finding somebody. You must be more vigilant in your interactions with other members just to be sure they are for real.

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