MocoSpace Review: Features,Costs, Pros and Cons

It is no surprise that MocoSpace started off as an online gaming site, its platform and special features encourage its members to have fun when looking for a date. Its modern layout combines all the virtues of social media with a functional interface to let people connect with their matches.

MocoSpace Review

How Does Mocospace Work?


Registration is pretty quick and straightforward. Go to the site, provide some basic information about your age and location and upload a profile picture. If you have A Google or Facebook account you can just link them up with the site, otherwise, you will have to sign up with an email and password. You will then be asked to complete a questionnaire about yourself and your interests. This is a central part of most dating sites as it singlehandedly determines your matches by helping the algorithm find compatible people.

You should remember that people who might potentially be interested in you will want to use as much information as possible to get a sense of who you are as a person. A mere picture and age is not going to be very convincing and might even discourage some who might just assume that you are not willing to put much effort into your profile. So, take your time to answer the questions in as much detail as you are willing to share, and you will certainly be rewarded.

Details on your profile can be changed anytime you like, so there is no pressure in having to get everything right the first time around. Chances are that you will learn with experience to recognize which features make an attractive profile page and know how to incorporate them into your own.

It is also important to note that you can decide whether to make your profile public or private. In the latter case, someone will first have to send you a friend request which you will need to accept for them to view your full profile.

Navigating MocoSpace

You have just registered and are ready to kick start your search for love. You will be directed to the main page which showcases the profiles of all the members on MocoSpace. You can search for profiles that are already online or browse through your matches at your own pace. Once you find someone interesting, you can send them a message. Similarly, you can join one of the thousands of pre-existing chat rooms to discuss a particular topic of choice, or you can create your own.

The one thing which makes MocoSpace somewhat more unique is that all the messages you send, whether it is to one member only or an entire group, will be made public. Depending on how things might be going, you might wish to continue your ‘private’ chat with someone on another messaging platform outside of the site. In that respect, MocoSpace is mostly about connecting people together and helping to establish those early contacts.

Faithful to social media formats, you can look through members’ profiles, add them to your friends list and leave comments on their posts You are encouraged to shared photos and ten seconds videos to give a livelier impression of your otherwise static profile.

Main/Special Features

The main features MocoSpace relies on mostly remind one of social media platforms. You are encouraged to post pictures, videos and anything else to feed into your profile page.

  • Blogging

MocoSpace blogging is ideal for you to share communicate your ideas and share your interests. Since the app is mainly built for people looking for more long-term relationships, this is a great way to connect with like-minded people. People can then leave comments on your blog post to let you know their own opinions on the subject.

  • MocoSpace Friends and Favourites

MocoSpace compiles a list of all the users who have commented on your page for easy consultation. On the other hand, favorites lets you star photos and videos posted on other members’ profiles so that they will appear in your favorites page.

  • Friendship

A capitalistic twist on your casual friend sharing, Friendship lets you buy and sell friends. If you can get past how odd the concept sounds when written down, it is a fun way of interacting with other users. Prepare your competitive spirit to try to sell players for the highest price and buy them for the lowest. Your value is boosted every time someone else purchases you using the MocoSpace in-game currency.

  • MocoSpace Ratings

Want to let out the movie critic in you, or just want to let people know about your latest music discovery, MocoSpace reviews is the ideal place for that. Browse through the varied categories and leave your star rating on any topic you like; you can even include a picture to go with it. You can also browse through the highest ratings and see what the hit or controversy of the day might be.

  • Stickers

These personalized stickers for MocoSpace users can be used to bring some fun into your chats or help make your comments more memorable. Most are available for free but if you want to unlock the whole glorious selection you will have to unlock these using Moco Gold.

  • Street Wars

Street wars is as fun and unconventional as it sounds. In an attempt to break down the rigidities of online dating sites, Street Wars lets you put together your own team of members to fight off your enemies, ‘mafia’ style. You will earn rewards every time you successfully complete a mission and boost your character stats

  • Daily Spin

For those who like to test their luck, Daily Spin lets you enter a random draw to win a variety of prizes. These include in-app currency, known as Moco gold, additional free spins and a range of other bonuses.

Costs and Prices  

Here is a quick reminder of all the features you can access with a free subscription:

  • Look through the profiles of all the MocoSpace users
  • View other members’ photos and videos
  • Message and join as many people and groups as you want
  • View blog posts and forums

If you decide to upgrade to the premium subscription, you will gain access to a range of the following:

  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Turn on stealth mode to hide your activity
  • Get a higher ranking on Meet People
  • Get the VIP label next to your profile
  • Removing all ads
  • Access to in-app purchases like stickers.

MocoSpace’s premium subscriptions come in two steps: VIP and VIP Gold Special.


  • £7.99 for one month
  • £5.83 a month for six months

VIP Gold Special

  • £19.99 for one month
  • £16.33 per month for six months

You also have the option of purchasing Moco Gold credits to spend across its special features.

  • £4.99 for 500 credits
  • £9.99 for 1100 credits
  • £48.99 for 6500 credits


  • The site layout is easy to navigate
  • Regular feed updates
  • Unique games and features
  • Unlimited access to its members base


  • Everyone can see your activity
  • Fake profiles are relatively common
  • Content is not regulated
  • Multiple ads

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