Mingle2 Review – Why You Should Avoid Mingle2

The first impressions of Mingle2 were good, but oh my, did it go down from there. When first visiting the Mingle2 website I was impressed. The landing page had plenty of information, boasted 30 million members, and even let you browse some of their featured user profiles without signing up. The design is very nice, looked clean, and was very user friendly.

The first bump in the road happened when trying to sign up, as signing up was a little confusing at first. To sign up to Mingle 2 you had to use the “Search for Singles” feature at the top of the homepage. This was very straightforward but was easily missed because there was nothing else to indicate that this was the feature used to sign up, no join now text or sign up here button, etc.

Although this wasn’t a huge issue, things really do go downhill from here.

Signing Up to Mingle2

Mingles Review
Mingles Review

Signing up to Mingle2 became simple and familiar after getting past that first bump in the road. All you have to do is enter your email address, an account password, location, postcode, your gender, and the gender of the person you’d like to date. Once done click ‘View Singles’.

Clicking view singles actually didn’t let you view any profiles, it just took you to part 2 of the signup process. Here you’ll be asked to input your city, a display name, and what you’re looking for (Dating, Friendships, Marriage, Relationships, Intimate Encounter, and/or an Activity Partner).

The final step to creating a profile is to simply upload a photo and crop it. Once this is done you are released into the full platform, and wow is it ugly and outdated. The platform is themed with black, grey, and white colors, and looks like it was created in the ’90s. It appears very simple with not a lot to offer. The only features available are searching for users, viewing profiles, talking to users, a community forum, and a feature called ‘Mutual match (see features section below).

Mingle2 Profile

Profiles are very simple, there is no written bio about yourself, and all that is required is your height, body type, marital status, religion, children (have them/don’t have them – want them/don’t want them), and whether or not you smoke or drink.

Upload a couple of photos and that’s it, you’re done. Now time to move onto actually finding a match and engaging with other users through Mingle2’s unique features.

Mingle2 Features

Using Mingle2 you are very basically able to search for other members, see who has viewed your profile, see who has shown interest in you, send and receive nudges, use mutual match (see below) and use the community forum.

Searching For Other Mingle2 Members

The process of searching through member profiles really didn’t seem to connect to your own profile at all. I already input my gender, the gender of the person I am seeking to date, location and postcode, but still, it asked me for all this information again, rather than taking it from my profile. Although I was additionally asked to select the age range and mile radius.

Searching for members was pretty boring. As I mentioned earlier profiles are very limited, only containing basic information with no bio. I couldn’t feel a connection with anyone and simply found myself judging my interest based on profile photos, body type, and location.

Once visiting another members profile I had to option to send her a message, nudge or show interest through Mingle2’s Mutual Match feature

Mutual Match

Mutual Match is a Tinder-style feature that allows you to choose whether you’re interested in or not interested in another member by only using their uploaded photos to decide. This feature is described as only showing singles who live near you, which is great because who wants to travel, right?

This type of feature is very common and popular within dating communities, however, I wasn’t impressed with Mingle2’s version of it. It was boring and appeared to contain fake user profiles, and fake user profiles are a big no-no! I believed that my matches were fake because I hadn’t even used the feature yet and I already had 3 matches. I in fact noticed these matches right after completing the signup process. How is this possible?

You aren’t actually able to view the profiles that you’ve matched with until you become a paying subscriber. This only further concreates the thought of these matches being fake. Mingle2 doesn’t only have a 90’s style website but also 90’s style trickery.

Community Forum

The community forum again appears outdated, but to much surprise appears extremely active at first glance. With over 30 topics ranging from dating to general conversion, religion, and even games there really is a lot to get involved in. But wait, are all the posts in this forum fake too? My guess would be yes!

Upon digging into the different community topics it became clear. All recent posts look fake and automatically generated. There are many conversions going on through these community forums that don’t make sense at all. Many people just seem to be having a conversion with themselves or are responding to other member comments with responses that don’t make any sense at all.

Is Mingle2 a Free Dating Site?

The core features such as viewing profiles and messaging other members are completely free. But if you want to see who you have matched with on Mutual Match, browse profiles invisibly, “get 300% more profile view”, find out if someone viewed your profile or store your message permanently then you will need to pay a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription.

Mingle2 Subscription Pricing

  • 3 Months: $9.99/month
  • 6 Months: $7.99/month
  • 12 Months: $5.83/month

Is there a Mingle2 App?

There is a Mingle2 app available on IOS and Android. The experience from using this app has been far better than using the website version. Although the app looks like a complete copy of Tinder but with Mingle2’s features incorporated. If I was going to use Mingle2 then I would definitely be using the app and now the website version.

Pros & Cons of Using Mingle2

Pros Cons
Mingle2 proclaims to have 30 million members. No hard proof that Mingle2 actually has 30 Million members
The app is of very good quality. The website is very poor quality with an outdated 90’s look.
Has a Tinder-style matchmaking feature. Profiles appear to be fake
It has a community forum with many topics to get involved in. Many of the community forum posts appear automatically generated.



I’m not saying that everything and everyone on Mingle2 is fake, but there are a large amount of obviously fake elements. Combine this with the very outdated 90’s look and you have a site that really doesn’t compare well against other dating platforms. The platform doesn’t offer anything unique besides a community forum, so I really wouldn’t waste my time on Mingle2 when there are plenty of other dating sites that have a proven reputation.

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