Meetme App Review – Features and Costs

MeetMe is designed to create new relationships and friendships through social interaction in chat, live streams, and public posts. Although MeetMe can definitely fall under the category of a dating app, there is so much more happening on this platform. The platform boasts 100 million users worldwide and offers a ton of features that make good use of gamification to keep users engaged.

Meetme review
Meet Me

Signing Up For a MeetMe Account

Creating an account on MeetMe is very simple. All that is required is your name, date of birth, gender, location, and email address, phone number, or alternatively you can use the Facebook quick sign up option which takes details from your Facebook profile.

Using Facebook to sign up also allows you to log into MeetMe at any time by using your Facebook account, this makes signing into your MeetMe account very fast. To sign up you can either head over to or download the app on Android or IOS.

Verification Process

Once your account has been created you will need to verify your email address and phone number to access all the features available on MeetMe. Email addresses can be verified at a later time but phone numbers will need to be verified straight away otherwise you will not be able to access the platform at all.

MeetMe Profile

Once your account is set up and verified you are going to want to start filling out your profile details. Although it’s not mandatory, you should complete your profile to the best of your ability. A detailed profile will allow you to connect with those who are similar to you or have similar interests. No one likes an empty profile so make sure to bottle up some confidence and sell yourself.

Profile information consists of:
● Personal Bio
● Profile Details Section (gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, sexual preference, height, body type, religion, ethnicity, children, education, smoker and location)
● Photo gallery

Personal profiles also contain two unique elements, popularity rating, and profile tags.

Profile Popularity

Profile popularity allows users to be graded from low to high and is increased by matching with
other users, or by purchasing a profile boost or spotlight position (see boosts and spotlight
sections below). The higher your popularity is the higher your will appear in the discover section
of MeetMe (see discover section below)

Profile Tags

Profile tags are interest related tags that you can associate with your profile. These tags include Sports Fan, Musician, Gamer, Family Orientated, and much more. This is a really great feature that allows you to match with other users based on their interests.

Other Unique Features

MeetMe is full of unique features that are designed to keep users engaged, provide entertainment, increase profile popularity, and help you find romantics matches or even friends. On top of this, there are elements of gamification within the platform through the use of achievements and level up game mechanics.


Discover also known as ‘Locals’ is a profile browse feature that allows users to browse other user-profiles and contact them to strike up a conversation. The discover feature also has filtering options that allow you to only see people based on their age, gender, location, profile tags, etc.

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is an option that is described as letting you be a ninja. By using this option you are able to view profiles and photos without anyone knowing.

Match Section

MeetMe has a Tinder-style matching system where you see a photo of another user and are given the choice to like or dislike that user based on their photo. Those who mutually like each other are then able to communicate with each other through the built-in chat functionality.

Also in the matches section is a game like a feature called Secret Admirers. Secret Admirers is an interesting game that gives user notifications once they have been secretly admired. To find out who the secret admirer is you have to guess from the eleven profile photos that you are presented with. Oh, and you only have five guesses so choose wisely.

Discuss – Public Feeds

Feeds are similar to a public forum and social media feeds. Users post text or images to the feed which can then be liked, disliked, and commented on. Topics range from family to gaming, music, movies, and much more. Feeds can be filtered to show posts from users based on their location, friends or everyone, and by gender or age range.

Profile Boosts
Boosting your profile is a premium feature that places you at the top of the discover section. This gives your far more visibility to other users resulting in a lot of matches, secret admirers, profile views, and conversations. It’s the fasted way to get noticed!

Match Spotlight
Match Spotlight is a feature that will boost your matches and increase the number of secret admirers that you receive.

Live Feed Spotlight
Live Feed Spotlight allows you to boost your posts within the discus section to the top of the feed list for those who may be interested in you. To boost a post once Live Feed Spotlight has been purchased simply click the #1 option on your post.

MeetMe Groups
MeetMe groups allow you to create or join a local gathering. These groups are aimed at getting people together who have similar interests or around a certain topic. With topics like hiking surfing, web design, dating and family there really is something for everyone. There are also group photo albums that can hold up to 500 photos each. That’s plenty of browsing material.

MeetMe Live
MeetMe live is a feature that allows you to stream yourself to other users or duo streams with other users. Users live stream to play games or talk with their friends and audience or to simply talk about what’s on their mind. I found that duo streams where two streamers would split-screen into one stream that then compete against each other in various challenges. These challenge-based streams are very popular and are slightly professional with leaderboards and point systems.

Leveling up is also part of the live stream experience. Users start with a level of Rookie and can work themselves all the way up to Legend status. Leveling up unlocks achievements which then allow users to see how they compare against other users. To level up all you have to do is watch live streams or send gifts to streamers.

MeetMe Gifts
A really notable feature of MeetMe Live is the element of gift-giving. User can buy credits which can then be used to purchase from a selection of 40 different digital gifts. These digital gifts range from Flowers (100 credits), Hearts (1000 credits), Fairy Tale Castles (5000 credits), Ices Mountain (10000 Credits), and more. These digital gifts are a kind of indicator that determines users’ popularity in live streams. Streamers collaborate and compete against each other to receive more of these digital gifts from their viewers. Once purchased these gifts can not be converted back into real cash.

Diamonds are another form of gift that can be sent to other users. These diamonds are a popularity indicator. Diamond popularity can be monitored through leaderboards within the platform. It’s worth noting that diamonds are the only gifts that can be converted to credits or real cash.

Is MeetMe a free dating site?
MeetMe is completely free to use, however, it does have a subscription model and credit balance options that provide additional functionality. Just to be clear, you do not need to pay money to use the core features within MeetMe. You do not need to pay to match or chat with other users, post in the discuss section, use MeetMe groups, or to watch or chat in live streams.

You do however need to pay to boost your profile,
● Boost Profile/Spotlight
● Boost Posts
● Give Gifts
● Use Stealth Mode
● See Everyone Who Has Viewed Your Photos
● Advanced Profile Search Filter (search by ethnicity, body type, smoker or nonsmoker, etc.)
● Change Profile Theme

MeetMe Credits
Credits are the virtual currency on the MeetMe platform. Credits can be used to meet more people faster, increase popularity and visibility, and to buy gifts to send to other users or to live stream hosts.

You can buy credits (see prices below or earn them by:
● Logging in Daily
● Actively Using The Platform
● Purchasing Credits
● Viewing User Profiles
● Interacting and Communicating With Other Users
● Playing and Connecting With Secret Admirers”

How Much Does it Cost To Join and Use MeetMe Unique Features?
MeetMe has various premium elements that unlock a multitude of different features.
MeetMe Subscription:
● 1 Month: $10.99 /Month
● 3 Months: $9.00 /Month
● 6 Months: $5.83 /Month

MeetMe Credits
● 250 Credits: $4.99
● 625 Credits: $9.99
● 2000 Credits: $14.99
● 3,700 Credits: $24.99
● 16,500 Credits: $99.99

● 80,000 Diamonds: $200
● 80,000 Diamonds: $500
● 80,000 Diamonds: $1000

Diamonds Converted To Credits
● 200 Diamonds: 100 Credits
● 500 Diamonds: 250 Credits
● 2000 Diamonds: 1,000 Credits

Stealth Mode
● 1 Month: $4.00, or
● 1 Week: 100 Credits, or
● 1 month: 300 Credits

Boost, Match Spotlight and Live Feed Spotlight
Boost, Match Spotlight, and Live Feed Spotlight can last up to four hours but can be ended much sooner if the cap for interested generated has been met. These features cost 100 credits for each type of boost and can only be purchased separately.

Is There a MeetMe App?
Yes, there is a MeetMe App. The app is actually preferable to use as you are able to access more features and functionally. The most notable feature that is only available through the app is buying and spending credits.

Is MeetMe Safe?
MeetMe recognizes that safety is an issue with online dating. To make sure their users are safe they have several reporting features and a plethora of safety tips available online. For MeetMe safety guidelines visit the safety practices sections of their website.

MeetMe FAQ
Where is MeetMe available?
MeetMe is available worldwide with most of its users being from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

How many people use MeetMe?
MeetMe has over 100 million users worldwide.

Who started MeetMe?
MeetMe was created by The Meet Group in 2005. The Meet Group also owns other dating sites such as Lovoo, Skout, Tagged, and Growls.

You’ll be lucky to find any other platform that has as many unique features as MeetMe does. It’s very lively, full of activity from personal conversions to public discussion and plenty of live streams. MeetMe is definitely worth checking out.

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