How to Write Tinder Bios to Make People Swipe Right (For Girls and Guys)

Tinder is the place to discard the old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Although they are just as important in catching someone’s initial attention, they might not be enough to actually incite the person to swipe right and get in touch with you – especially for men’s profiles.

Tinder is flooded with millions and millions of profiles, another picture of you on holidays will not necessarily help you stand out. Although men seem to be much more easily satisfied by a handful of pictures, most women will scan through men’s bios before swiping left or right. Tinder effectively relies on only two things, pictures and bios. Why throw away 50% of your resources?

Although you are not looking for a job, you are looking for someone to hire you into their lives so just like a CV, your bio should convince your potential matches to want to get to know you. The best way of maximising your return on these resources is by writing an engaging Tinder bio.

tinder bio examples for guys and girls
tinder bio examples for guys and girls

Make your first line count

It all starts with your first line. People will be swiping through hundreds of profiles a week, the first word they hear from you should grab their attention and encourage them to want to know more about you. Pick a memorable opening to set the tone of your bio and catch their attention right from the get-go. You can make use of a certain aspect of your occupation or simply take the opportunity of sharing one of your favourite jokes.

Keep it light-hearted

Not only will putting a smile on their faces make you stand out, it is also one of the most efficient ways of finding people who match your personality. Humour is a varied and complex mechanism, but when exploited the right way it becomes a great social tool. If someone finds what you have written funny, chances are that they will enjoy actually talking to you – and that is an instant swipe to the right.

You can also use humour as a way of saying a little bit more about yourself and pointing to some of your areas of interest. Even though some might be looking for a serious relationship, your bio doesn’t have to be as serious since a well-crafted joke is always a welcome surprise.

Be honest

Millions of people use Tinder every day, and each of these users is looking for something different. Whether you are in the search for a long-term relationship or a quick fling, being specific about what you are actually interested in will save both you and the other person a lot of time.

If already have all the little details of what your perfect match should be like, then don’t be afraid to be honest and write them into your bio. You should not worry about being perceived as too upfront, missing out on a few swipes is worth the price for getting the ‘right’ swipe. Simply be honest, and you will avoid the awkward premature marriage talk.

Include any relevant physical details

If there is anything relevant about your appearance which cannot be perceived on your pictures, it might be worth mentioning somewhere in your bio. This mostly applies to people’s height which some may consider being a decisive factor in their search for a match. It is basic detail which is often overlooked but might be appreciated and help refine your search.

Don’t forget to actually talk about yourself

At the end of the day, you should always remember the ‘bio’ is short for biography. It is about talking about yourself and your interests, no matter how mundane or odd they might seem, if they are part of your daily life, then they certainly deserve a mention.

It is also important to remember that not everyone might feel comfortable sharing personal information on such a public site like Tinder. Finding a way to convey your personality without over-sharing is always a tricky balance to reach but you should never feel pressured to reveal things you are not willing to. Even the most basic details can be enough to catch someone’s eye and swipe right.

Check your spelling and grammar

It only takes a few seconds and can save you a lot of missed opportunities. Grammar and spelling are issues which divide many, so the best way of maximising your chances are just to get all your “there”, “their” and “they’re” the right way around.

Keeping an eye on the language you are using is also a good way of setting your target matches. Adjusting your tone and wording to the particular generation of people you might be interested in is more likely to catch their attention and get you matched together.

Keep it short and clear

Save your essay for your boss, a Tinder bio should be succinct and informative. Limiting yourself to around 500 characters will force you to select your own priorities and make a clear impression on the person swiping through your profile. Similarly, one-liners are unlikely to give them much to consider, unless you have forgotten your punctuation.

Section off your bio

No matter how short or long your Tinder bio is, structuring your text in an engaging manner is almost just as important as its content. Extensive blocks of text tend to intimidate people, instead, you should aim to section off your bio. Not only will it make your text flow more naturally, it will also allow you to separate your information by topic so that anyone who scans your profile will quickly be able to identify what they were looking for.

Make your ending memorable

Just like a good opening will keep them interested in your bio, a good ending will hopefully keep them interested in you – at least just long enough for them to swipe right. This is also your way of throwing your match a lifeline for a potential conversation starter. They might not remember the list of every sport you ever played in high school, but they are likely to recall a unique last line.

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