How to get more matches on OkCupid

Amidst the thousands of profiles on offer on OkCupid lies the one that could be your perfect match. Don’t wait on pure luck to get you two together, follow these tips on how to get more matches on OkCupid and get your inbox filling up.

how to get more matches on OKcupid
how to get more matches on OKcupid

Take the time to think about your answers

What makes OkCupid into the popular and successfully dating app that it is, is certainly its thoroughly researched matchmaking algorithm. When people create a profile on the OkCupid app, they are asked a series of questions. You will be asked to answer anything from one’s political opinions to their dietary habits where every left or right answer removes another profile off your match results.

Although this is a fine tool to refine your searches to people with a similar mindset to you, they also run the risk of cutting out a great number of potential matches just because of one random question. This means that you should take all of these questions seriously and answer them with care if you want to keep your match pool wide enough.

Similarly, since OkCupid lets you pick how many answers you are willing to accept for a particular question. This is a great way of helping the algorithm make sure that it gets rid of any deal breakers. Although you do want to keep your options open by staying somewhat neutral and openminded, if you come across a question that has an answer that you could never imagine yourself or someone else has, you should definitely submit your reply to it.

Prioritizing questions that include a deal-breaker will ensure that your matches are based on matters you hold at heart. This will make them count more significantly than some queries about your astrological sign, increasing both the quantity and ‘quality’ of your matches.

Make the right questions count

Following on from the previous point, OkCupid actually lets you assign a range of importance to each question. You can decide whether a user’s response is irrelevant, a little important, somewhat important, very important or even mandatory. This is one of the most powerful tools on OkCupid if you are able to use it wisely. Assigning a mandatory title will require another member to have selected it too in order to be matched with you.

On the other hand, questions denoted as irrelevant will have no practical impact on your match score with other profiles. Focus on choosing the answers which you are truly passionate about and those matches will start flooding in since OkCupid’s algorithm likes to treasure such confident opinions.

Pick your words carefully

Whether someone has been using OkCupid for months or just a handful of days, chances are that they have already established a firm idea of what sort of details they are looking for in another person. After all, if people are going to be scrolling through hundreds of profiles every day, they need a way of filtering all of these profiles even after OkCupid’s algorithm has done its magic.

Fitting in those standout words in your profile is crucial if you are hoping to catch a maximum number of eyes. Come up with a series of words that relate to your interests, hobbies or any particular feature you value and find a way of incorporating them into your bio. Since this is essentially your chance at a first impression, it is important to make it into one that counts and encourages someone to send that first message.

Cultivate your keywords

Such keyword picking doesn’t only help catch other user’s attention but also serve to please OkCupid’s matchmaking software. From your favorite music to your preferred choice of pet, getting out all the things you truly care about is an effective way of improving your matches. Every keyword you decide to put up on your profile will directly get linked to a search database that users can browse through to find profiles which have them mentioned. The more keywords you have, the more members will come across your profile and will help significantly improve your visibility.

You can even play around with these to test how accurately certain keywords match you with the users you connect with the best. After a while, you should be able to find which specific keywords are able to unlock an entire userbase of matches.

Stay active

OkCupid tracks its users’ behavior on their site to determine how often they tend to reply to messages or look at other profiles. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to rush to reply to a text or spend hours clicking on every match you come across. All you have to do is log in on a regular basis and navigate through multiple windows on the app to show your interest in various profiles. The more clicks, the likelier you are to get messages through OkCupid’s algorithm.

Similarly, making regular tweaks to your profile can help it boost to the top of users’ results page and hence improve your visibility.

Stay ahead of the competition

Although you should try to make your profile unique, it never hurts to take some inspiration from other profiles around on the site. Looking at the profiles of users you are in ‘competition’ with will help you get a sense of what you should and should not include in your own. Understanding which features make them stand out will help inform your own to best match what gets other people interested.

Discard the blurry pictures

As if this is even truly worth mentioning, having a good quality main profile picture is one of the most effective ways to make a good and lasting impression. Getting the perspective and contrast of your photo right gets you already half of the way there, no matter the actual appearance. No wants to have to squint to see your facial features or guess which one you are, make sure that your picture is clear both in terms of subject matter and quality.

You should also try to exploit the limited resources you have available to you to show off your uniqueness at every opportunity. Including your favorite holiday snap or showing off a particular skill is a great way of getting more matches to connect with you by giving them points to start a conversation on.

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