HER Review – A Dating App for Besbian, Bisexual and Queer Women

Over the last decade, HER has emerged as the largest dating app exclusively for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women. With over a million members worldwide, the app boasts a large community of LGBTQ women ready for all types of meetups.

HER Dating App Review
HER Dating App Review

How Does HER Work?

In order to sign up for an HER account, you must sign up through Facebook or Instagram. This serves as the app’s verification system and helps cut down on spam, though some women have remarked that their profiles were denied because they are too “masculine-looking.” Once you are in, you will be presented with other users who meet your distance and age preferences.

Unlike some apps of its kind, HER allows unlimited messaging for free. The downside, however, is that you can only communicate with those who have liked you or matched with you, meaning you’ll have to use the premium service to do much more than this. Additionally, while photos and messages can be viewed for free, profiles cannot, so you’ll likely want to buy a premium membership if you plan on using the app extensively.

Special Features

HER comes with a number of special features that make the app worthwhile. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

  1. Meet

The meet feature allows you to connect and match with users who meet your age and distance preferences. As mentioned, you’ll need a premium membership to use many of the meet features, such as viewing profiles and initiating conversations.

  1. Feed

The HER feed is very similar to your Facebook feed, meaning it’s essentially a meeting place for all members on the app. Here you can interact with other users’ posts and even post your own. It’s a great place to communicate with members without having to buy a premium membership, as well. Be sure to check out your feed to see if there are any lesbian or LGBTQ events going on in your area.

Costs and Prices  

HER has an affordable price structure when compared to similar apps. Users can pay $14.99 for a one-month premium membership or upgrade to more long-term plans. These include a six-month plan ($10 a month for an upfront total of $59.99) and a one-year plan ($7.50 a month for an upfront total of $89.99).

Is HER Safe?

Because HER uses Facebook and Instagram verification, it has a good reputation for preventing male users from infiltrating the app. For this reason, HER has become a safe space for LGBTQ women looking to meet. The app also has a good track record in terms of data security and breaches, giving users little to worry about.


There are a number of pros to using the HER app. Let’s go over two of them:

  • Profile Verification

Through Facebook and Instagram integration, HER maintains a comfortable environment for its female users by eliminating male spammers and sex-seekers who violate the app’s terms of service.

  • Easy Match-Making

Because users can view profile photos for free and the app allows up to eight photos per user, it’s easy to find out which users fit your preferences. What’s more, because messages can be sent for free when users are matched or liked, there are plenty of opportunities to use the app successfully even for users who do not shell out the cash for a premium membership.


Now let’s cover a major con of the app that you’ll want to know before downloading:

  • Facebook/Instagram Sync

We’ve already discussed that you need either a Facebook or Instagram account to sign up for HER. The downside to this is that your Facebook name and photos (or Instagram name and photos) will automatically be imported into the app. If you don’t want users on the app to see your photos, you’ll have to delete them from HER after signing up. This can be a hassle and a major turn off for certain users.

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