Happn Dating App Review


The Happn dating app got its start in France. It has since spread to other countries in the world, including the United States. It is a worthy competitor to other popular dating apps like OkCupid and Tinder. Happn is different, though, because its matching system doesn’t rely on any specific algorithms or whether users like or dislike people’s pictures. Instead, it has a custom geo-targeting system which links you to other members with whom you’ve physically walked or driven past recently. This is a way of reintroducing the classic idea of meeting somebody through a chance encounter. The only difference is the chance encounter lets you first get to know them on your dating app rather than having to go up and talk to them in person.


How does it work

It should take you under one minute to sign up on the dating app. All you need is a Facebook account so that you can verify who you are. This is meant to deter catfishes from using the website, although it won’t prevent them completely. After you sign up on the app, just keep your smartphone on you as you go about your day. The geo-targeting system of the app will track which other members you’ve passed by throughout your day. When you review these members on your screen, they will be introduced by their name, job title, and the company they work for. This will give you an idea of who they are.


Unique features

The most unique feature about this dating app is its geo-targeting system. This is the system that matches you with people which whom you’ve passed on the street or driven past in your car. Of course, you won’t be shown the profiles of everybody that you’ve physically passed. The mutual interests between you and those people will also play a factor in which profiles you see. Some of these interests may include favorite television shows, movies, magazines, and even music that you like on Spotify.

There is a special in-app game called CrushTime. The game will display four random profiles of various members that you’ve previously crossed paths with not too long ago. Out of these four members, one of them has already liked your profile. So, the objective of the game is for you to guess which member liked your profile. If you are correct in your guess, that member becomes your “instant crush.” This gives you the ability to send instant messages to them through the app.



Happn has some basic services which are free to use. There will be ads displayed while you use these services so keep that in mind. The basic free services include searching for matches and playing the CrushTime game for a limited number of times. There is an optional premium service which will give you more membership benefits. For starters, there will be no more ads displayed on the app. You will also get to see which members have seen your profile and “liked” it. That way, you’ll have an easier time finding people who are interested in you.

The paid service is $20 for 1 month, $48 for 3 months, or $72 for 6 months. In addition, there are coins that you can purchase as well. These coins serve two purposes. First, you need coins if you want to keep playing the CrushTime game. Second, you need coins to keep communicating with other members. You’ll start out with 10 free coins when you sign up, but then you need to purchase more. The price ranges from $2.99 for 10 coins to $39.99 for 250 coins.



– Catfishes will be deterred from using the website because they need to create a Facebook account. That is an extra step they might not want to take.

– If you live in a big city, you will find plenty of opportunities to have “chance encounters” with people on the dating app. After all, you will physically pass all kinds of people throughout your day. In normal circumstances, you might pass someone who is compatible with you without ever realizing it. But, thanks to this dating app, you will get to see who these people are and possibly start communication with them.



– Since you must sign up with your Facebook account, you are forced to share a lot of the personal information on your profile. It might make you uncomfortable to do this. You should limit the amount of revealing information you have in your Facebook profile if you want to restrict it on this app.

– If you live in a small town or any location with a smaller population, then it will be more unlikely that you’ll find someone who is using the Happn app too. This means that you’ll find fewer matches than if you lived in a city. The matching system is about proximity more than anything else. Things like personality traits do not apply here.

– The chat function is not completely free.

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