Tinder Review – The Most Popular Dating App for Dating and Hookup


Tinder is by far one of the most popular free dating apps being used today. It is designed specifically for younger singles who want to find people in their local area to meet up with. The app is used more for hookups and casual encounters than it is for traditional dates. It uses a unique matching system for finding partners based on their profiles and photographs. Users can easily swipe left or right on someone’s profile to signal whether they’re interested in them or not. Because of this, the matching system favors younger people who are good looking more than anyone else.

Tinder app currently has 40 million people from over 190 countries currently signed up as members on its platform. Out of these 40 million members, roughly 1 million of them are paid subscribers to the premium membership upgrade known as Tinder Plus. You can choose amongst 24 different languages for the language of the app. This allows the platform to remain diverse and increases the chances of each member finding someone who is compatible with them.

How Does Tinder Work

The signup process for Tinder is very simple. You can use your Facebook credentials to automatically fill in the basic content of your Tinder profile. This will even upload your Facebook photographs onto Tinder as well. Furthermore, Tinder will analyze your number of friends, mutual friends, interests, and geographical location that are on your Facebook profile.

After that, your account will be created, and Tinder will generate a list of potential matches within your geographical area. You will be able to anonymously browse these user profiles and indicate whether you like them or not. When you come across a profile that you like, you would simply swipe right on the screen. This saves those matches so that you can easily see them again.

However, if you don’t like a particular profile, you can swipe left to toss it aside and never see it again. The only way two people can chat with each other is if they both “liked” each other’s profiles. That way, you won’t have one person trying to talk to somebody who hasn’t expressed interest in them.

The pricing model for the Tinder Plus premium subscription is based on the person’s age. For instance, if you are over 28 years old, you would have to pay $19.99 per month for Tinder Plus. If you are under 28, you only must pay $9.99 per month. The main advantage of a paid membership is being able to give unlimited likes.

If you decide to keep a free membership, there are a limited number of likes that you can give within a 12-hour time period. Just last year, the Tinder Gold paid membership was introduced. This will let you see which members have liked your profile before you’ve even swiped their profile.

Unique Features

The most unique feature about Tinder is its swiping system. It eliminates the hassle of contacting members with email messages and hoping they’ll reply. Tinder lets users swipe right or left to quickly express their interest or disinterest in a profile. This makes browsing your matches faster and easier than ever. If other members have Instagram profiles available, you will have the ability to access those and see the pictures they have uploaded there too.

Common Connections is another unique feature that Tinder has available. This is a feature where you can see matches who have the same mutual friends on Facebook as you do. This is called a “first-degree connection” and is more likely going to result in a successful match. There is also a second-degree connection where you and your match have 2 different friends who are friends by coincidence.


Anyone looking for casual sexual encounters will love Tinder. The algorithm and design of the platform make it perfect for selecting matches that are attractive and who are interested in hookups. Plus, you will only be able to chat with people you’re interested in who have expressed interest in you. This prevents you from wasting time and pursuing people who are not interested in you. In addition, most of your matches will be based on mutual friendships from your Facebook profile. As a result, you will have a higher success rate with your hookup and casual encounters.


If you’re someone looking for a traditional romantic relationship on a long-term basis, Tinder is probably going to disappoint you. Since a significant portion of the members is between 18 and 35, you are going to find more people who just want to have sex with no strings attached. The matching system does not bother connecting people based on personality traits or extensive questionnaires like other dating apps do. The only real basis of their matching system is the location and age of the users. From there, you can browse the profiles of these people and quickly choose whether you like them or not.


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