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PlentyOfFish which also called POF provides internet dating services from their website and mobile app. The company was created in Canada about 15 years ago and since then, its dating services have been made available to the people of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Brazil. You can also view the PlentyOfFish dating platform in 9 different languages. The diversity on the platform has brought in roughly 100 million people over the last 5 years. This increases the chance of members finding suitable partners for themselves.

PlentyOfFish offers a free basic membership to everyone who signs up. Users can utilize the standard dating tools and resources that are free, or they can upgrade to a premium membership instead. Most members don’t mind just using the free tools because they are adequate enough for them to find matches and communicate with them. Yes, that’s right, the PlentyOfFish platform allows you to send messages to other members for free. This is a rarity amongst dating websites because most of them make you upgrade your membership before you can communicate with other members.

How Does It Work

The PlentyOfFish platform is designed to match people according to their personality traits and overall compatibility. When you sign up, you will be asked to answer some standard questions about yourself, such as your body type, age, and race. The questions will then get a little more personal. You will be asked about your longest relationship and whether you are a smoker and/or drug user. As for your preferences, you must indicate the body type and habits that you want your match to have.

The two most important things for building your profile will come now. You will need to write a short paragraph which describes yourself and the type of person you’re looking for. Finally, you will need to upload photographs of yourself. This is the most important step because photographs show other members that you are a real person. From here, you will move on to the chemistry assessment which will help narrow down your matches to the most compatible ones possible. Once you find someone who looks to be a good match, you can send them a text message for free. If they respond, then you are on your way to possibly meet them in person.

Unique Features

There are a few things which make PlentyOfFish quite unique in comparison to other dating platforms. For instance, only female members are allowed to send photographs of themselves to other members. Male members are prohibited from doing this because they have abused the privilege in the past by sending obscene photos. This also ensures that female members are not bombarded with hundreds of photographs in their inbox from men who want to hook up with them.

Secondly, PlentyOfFish has their own chemistry assessment system which is formulated to determine the compatibility between members. The chemistry assessment has over 70 questions that touch upon your personal preferences and personality traits. There are no right or wrong answers here because you just need to answer honestly about yourself. Do people find you stubborn? Do you prefer horror movies? These are the kinds of questions you can expect.

A few more optional assessment tests are available for those who truly want to narrow down their search and find the most compatible partner possible. You can take the relationship needs assessment which really digs deeper into finding out the type of partner you’re looking for. Other tests include a psychological assessment and even a sex assessment.


PlentyOfFish has nearly 100 million members worldwide. The odds are great that you’ll find a partner. This platform supposedly helps over 1 million couples per year find each other. These are pretty good odds. Anyone looking for a real relationship and a long-term commitment will have a lot of luck on the PlentyOfFish platform. The multiple assessment tests that are available do a very good job of matching members based on the answers they give. You will be very impressed with the search feature because it has many filters and ways to ensure that you find the right people.

Of course, the biggest advantage of PlentyOfFish is being able to message other members for free. You could successfully arrange a meetup with another member without ever paying a dime to PlentyOfFish. This is a huge plus because so many other dating websites make you pay close to $50 per month to do this. On PlentyOfFish, messaging is always free. You can communicate either through the website or on the mobile app. The latter can be downloaded onto iOS or Android devices.


As great as PlentyOfFish may be, there are some downsides to the platform. For starters, the algorithm of the matching formula is still pretty basic. Plus, the only means of communication is through a standard email message. There is no option to video chat so that you can see the person in real time. In fact, there are no chatrooms at all for having live discussions.

Perhaps the biggest downside is the lack of identity verification. There are no criminal background checks done or anything like that. You are basically on your own when it comes to trusting other members.


Overall, PlentyOfFish is still a good dating platform to use because it is free and there are a lot of members on there. But if you do meet another member, make sure it is at a public place. Find out more about them before you get too serious. If you stick to that, you should be okay.

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