FarmersOnly Review – Features and Costs

Who is it aimed at and why?

Farmers, Farmhands, Ranchers, Country girls, Cowboys, and the like.

Farmers only
Farmers only

Aimed specifically at this particular group of people, not everybody can comprehend, farm-life and working the outdoors, quite like rural-folk.

Finding the right person within a neighbouring community, is not always that easy. Farms can feel very isolated, and the demographics can make it difficult sometimes to interact, especially when you’re so distanced from other people and their communities.

Finding that special person who appreciates how farming life works, who shares an affinity with the land and all it entails and, someone who can contribute a mutual connection with the countryside.

With the general scope of farming terrain, and the considerable distance between each holding, it’s rarely just a case of popping round to the local and meeting up with a group of likewise people.

There are over 8 million active accounts on the farmers dating app, and with thousands of them on-line at any one time, you can be sure of finding that certain someone, with whom you can be compatible with you. Being congruent within the farming community is a definite cert if you’re considering looking at dating with farmers and like-minded people. And it’s all at your fingertips with start up only a click away.

Set up …

The farmers Only dating site started in about 2005, and welcomes all those searching for friendship, passion, and romance. It’s speedy function and effortless process, makes it one of the best and most sought out dating platforms. Registration is easy, requiring only the most basic of details. You can obtain the relevant form by going to

Then simply enter the following details

  • Email
  • Zip code
  • Gender Identity preferences
  • Age

You will initially be provided with a username and password. The password can be amended at any time, but your username can only be modified once, so be sure it’s something that you’ll be happy with long term.


Once you’re signed up, you are given the opportunity to add to your profile. And do keep in mind, the more details you give, the better your chances are, of engaging with other users. Interested parties like to know as much about you as possible. What you look like, what are your interests, what type of relationship are you looking for? Is it just friendship you want or are you after a more meaningful relationship? People like to engage with the real person, rather than a blank space.

These are added after registration

  • Add a photo
  • Your interests
  • What type of relationship you’re looking for

You can hide your profile, should you wish to do so, but the more information you can put out there about yourself, the greater the opportunity of getting interested parties to connect with you.

How much does it cost …

You have 3 choices here depending on what you want from the app

  • Free option: This allows you to create an account, set up your profile, browse member’s profiles and send and receive messages.
  • Premium option: Once captivated, and you’re interested in looking for a way to increase your communication with others, you can opt for the premium purchase. This allows you to read and send messages directly from your mobile, upload as many photos as you wish, and see who you are flirting with (Flirt feature) or contrariwise.
  • Farmers Only Gold: For an additional payment, you can join other premium members and have your messages highlighted in gold, increasing your opportunities of standing out, and uniting you with compatible love opportunities, giving you an edge ahead of the competition.

With competitively low prices, Farmers Only offers great value for money. Monthly fees start at $21.95, but by increasing your monthly subscription to 3-6 months, you’ll be given a beneficial discount. Farmers Gold Membership is only $9.99 per month and Farm phone pricing a tempting $4.95 per month.

Special features …

  • FarmersOnly shop: Here you can find an array of customized products; T-shirts, mugs, hats etc. emblazoned with appropriate logos and taglines
  • FarmPhone: This allows you, if you’re a premium member, to enjoy the addition of every message received being directed to your phone
  • Discover: You can give a ‘thumbs up or down’ to photos sent by an active member in your target age range, it’s also a great opportunity to discover who likes you!

Stay in control …

Apart from all the fun and exciting experiences you’ll have along the way, you can rest assured, in the knowledge, that you are the one to stay in control of who you want to communicate with or meet. You decide on the price you want to pay for the unique advantages the platform offers. And should you wish to cancel your membership before your renewal date, you only need to give us 48hrs notice.

Summary …

With FarmersOnly membership numbers on the increase, life-long friendships developing, relationships advancing and marriages on the horizon, it’s a win-win situation for everyone, whatever you’re looking for. So, take that initial step and apply to the Farmers Only app today, and see your social (and love life) flourish.


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