Facebook Dating is Available – Here’s How Facebook Dating Works

Facebook Dating
Facebook Dating

Billions of people all around the world use Facebook as one of their main social media platforms. It makes sense then, that the great minds at Facebook would begin to adapt the site into a dating platform. But do not be fooled, Facebook is not making a a Tinder-like dating experience. There will be no swiping left or right. This new and unique approach to online dating aims to foster ‘meaningful’ relationships, rather than just casual hook ups.

How Facebook Dating Works

Facebook Dating will be open to users above the age of 18. It is a platform to which you must opt-in, it doesn’t just randomly start taking over your newsfeed once you reach this age. At the moment, it is only available on the mobile app, but already users appear impressed.

Users wishing to make the most of Facebook Dating would need to create a separate profile for the service, as only your age and first name are automatically transported. You will be asked to fill in your preferences and the rest of your relevant information, including your location, gender and the gender of people you wish to date. You can also include more specific information such as your height, religion and job title if you’d like.

Your profile can include a total of nine photos or icebreaker questions, from Facebook’s pre-set questions. This is what sets Facebook Dating apart from other popular dating apps, as instead of swiping left or right, if somebody is interested in your profile, they must write a comment on a photograph or icebreaker question. Messages between yourself and potential dates would live in their own special inbox, away from your usual DMs.

Privacy Protection

It is so important that we keep our personal details safe, and our private information private. So fear not, Facebook Dating has policies in place to help you achieve this. You can decide how much, or how little, the information you wish to populate your dating profile with. You do not have to include any personal details, other than your name and age. In addition to this, Facebook Dating has the capacity for you to block and report any users for poor behavior. Similarly, you can block certain people from viewing your dating profile, even if you still wish them to be able to access you on other social media platforms. Moreover, you can turn off the ‘friends of friends’ feature if you do not wish people to view your profile who have a mutual friend in common.

If you are going on a date and meeting somebody for the first time, it is important to share the details with your loved ones. You can share information about the date via Messenger with your friends and family. This enables them to see the location and time of your date, therefore allowing you to keep yourself safe.

The Differences Between Facebook Dating and Other Dating Apps

Facebook Dating is entirely unique, not only because of the number of potential users who are already signed up for the Facebook platform. But also because of its new and distinctive ideas. Facebook Dating is moving away from the current ‘hook-up’ philosophy that seems to be everywhere at the moment. Instead, it aims to give people the capacity to communicate and form lasting relationships. This is evident through the unique icebreaker questions concept.

There are some innovative aspects to the Facebook Dating platform, most notably the Secret Crush feature. This super cool feature allows you to add up to nine of your Facebook friends to your ‘secret crush’ list. Users will be prompted to join Facebook Dating but will not be able to see that you’ve added them to your super-secret list, unless they add you to theirs too. In which case you will be paired up and able to message through the Dating platform.

A key difference is that it’s not as big of a step to open a Facebook Dating profile, as it is to join Tinder or Bumble, as so many of us are already familiar with Facebook and this makes it feel a little less daunting. Online dating can be a big deal for people who have not dared to enter this world yet, and Facebook Dating bridges the gap for people to begin to explore online dating in a comfortable environment.

Is Facebook Dating Free?

You will be pleased to know that Facebook Dating, just like regular old Facebook, is completely free to use. It also contains no adds or in-app purchases, allowing you to undertake your dating journey free and un-encumbered. The reason for this is that Facebook bosses are hoping that the Dating platform will get younger audiences interested in the Facebook platform again, since only around 50% of teens in the US use the main Facebook app.

Summary: Facebook Dating is Available in the USA

Facebook Dating is available in the USA for free, and by the looks of it, it is here to stay. Facebook Dating is unique amongst the online-dating world for many reasons – from its unique new features, to its philosophy of encouraging long-term relationships. These things all help it to stand out from the crowd and with an estimated 221 million US users, it has incredible potential to keep on growing and revolutionise the online dating scene forever.

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