eHarmony Review – The Best Dating Website to Find LTR.


Everyone is familiar with eHarmony. Television commercials are constantly featuring ads with Dr. Neil Clark Warren, who is the founder of eHarmony. He enthusiastically talks about the “29 dimensions of compatibility” which his platform uses to match people together. These dimensions basically represent the emotional characteristics, personality, and family values of the members.

eHarmony claims their matching system has been responsible for as many as 500 marriages per day in the United States. This is certainly not a website for hookups and short-term encounters. The people who go on eHarmony are serious about finding a long-term relationship that might eventually lead to marriage. If that’s what you’re looking for and you’re willing to invest in a monthly membership fee, then you might benefit from joining eHarmony.


How Does eHarmony Work

When you sign up for a new eHarmony account, you are required to fill out a very extensive compatibility questionnaire. They don’t just ask you a few personal questions as you see on other dating websites. eHarmony’s questionnaire really goes in depth to cover every aspect of your personality and characteristics. It will take you at least 30 minutes to finish the entire thing. When you’re finished, the matching algorithm will analyze your answers and find the most compatible matches for you. It is as simple as that.


Unique Features

The eHarmony matching system and its “29 dimensions of compatibility” questionnaire are certainly the most unique features of the platform. Members are matched based on the answers they gave in that long questionnaire. This increases the odds of you finding somebody who matches what you’re looking for in a partner.

You can customize the dashboard to create a unique user experience. One neat feature is the guided communication feature which lets you learn more details about your matches. Of course, you need to upgrade to a paid membership to take advantage of these dashboard features.



eHarmony is one of the more expensive dating platforms on the internet. Even though it is free to sign up for a basic membership, you will eventually need to upgrade to a paid membership if you ever want to communicate with someone. You can choose to pay $59.95 per month for 3 months, $34.95 per month for 6 months, or $19.95 per month for 12 months. In addition to communication, a paid membership lets you view the photographs of other members and request photos from them too. You can also see who has looked at your profile and the last time your matches logged into their accounts.



eHarmony is ideal for anyone who is truly serious about finding a long-term relationship and possibly a future spouse. The structure of the eHarmony dating platform does a good job of deterring the wrong kind of people from joining. For instance, you won’t find members who are looking for short-term hookups, casual encounters, and things like that. Everyone on the platform is paying an expensive membership fee because they are serious about finding true love.

eHarmony is one of the only dating websites where you don’t have to search through hundreds of profiles to find a match. All you do is wait for eHarmony to recommend matches to you. When you receive a match notification in your inbox, you can be sure it is from somebody legitimate. Best of all, each match will identify with your 29 dimensions of compatibility. This ensures that you will likely get along well with them.


eHarmony does not give you very many matches to choose from. They want to make sure their members are matched with people who are fully compatible with them. When you do get a match, there is no guarantee that the person will be living within your local area. Sometimes they might be living in another state or country. But if you’re truly willing to find a compatible partner, then perhaps you’re willing to make the journey over there to see them.

What’s truly frustrating is there are no search options available on eHarmony. You are forced to only see the matches that are recommended to you by the system. For such an expensive dating website, it is kind of frustrating to not have this search option. You could end up waiting several months for the perfect match to be shown to you.

Communicating with other members requires you to upgrade to a paid subscription. If you decide to upgrade, the communication is rather basic. There is no video chat features integrated into the platform. You must communicate through the messaging system. Of course, you could arrange for a Skype communication away from the platform if you really wanted to.


eHarmony is certainly not for everybody. It is best to use if you are a professional or well-established person who wants to find true love. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of time and money.

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