Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Review(Pros & Cons)

coffee meets bagel app review
coffee meets bagel app review

Some top dating apps go above and beyond to help you find that special someone.

Coffee Meets Bagel app fits this bill. With a unique platform that’s designed with women in mind, it’s the perfect dating app for anyone looking for a sincere match. In this honest review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Coffee Meets Bagel—how it works, its defining features, and its pros and cons.

Are you ready to learn more about this increasingly-popular app? Let’s begin!

How Coffee Meets Bagel Works

Coffee Meets Bagel is a female-friendly app that has an interesting setup. Namely, the app presents a different interface for males and females. Specifically, male users are given twenty one suggested matches every day. These matches are referred to as “bagels.”

In a twist, men are only allowed to either like or pass on these bagels. In other words, men cannot initiate conversations on Coffee Meets Bagel. Rather, conversations are initiated solely by women who have received a “like” from a man who meets the criteria laid out in her profile.

Generally speaking, Coffee Meets Bagel works through Facebook integration. Most matches are made between individuals who share at least one Facebook friend. If this dismays you, it shouldn’t. Even if you aren’t very active on Facebook, you can still receive matches.

Once a match has been made and a conversation started, the two partners will have eight days to exchange numbers or meet up before the conversation disappears completely. This is designed to protect the security and to reduce the number of matches that simply go nowhere.

Unique Features

Coffee Meets Bagel has an innovative “Question of the Day” section, where users can upload videos of themselves answering the app’s daily prompts. Other users can then look through these videos to see other matches.


Coffee Meets Bagel is free to download, but that’s where the generosity ends. For a one-month premium membership, you can be expected to pay $34.99. This amount steadily decreases the longer you’re willing to keep your subscription to the service. For example, the twelve-month option is $15.00/month (or $179.00) a year.


The pros of this amazing dating app speak for themselves. Still, it’s worth mentioning a few of them here.

  1. Female-Friendly—By allowing only women to initiate conversations, the app has quickly become a popular option for women. Designed for those who are a little “selective,” the app has the added benefit of matching women with men who are looking for something sincere (and not a casual hookup).
  2. Match Variety—With twenty-one matches (or bagels) presented every day at noon, the app isn’t short on variety. This gives you the option of finding the match that is right for you (assuming she likes you back!)


Unfortunately, the app isn’t perfect. Take a look below at some of the common cons associated with this app.

  1. 60:40 Female-to-Male Ratio: Because the app is female-friendly, it only makes sense that there are more female users. This can be a problem, however, as a large number of women may theoretically be looking into a small selection of men.
  2. Restrictions on Men: Many men may prefer to take their money elsewhere, as the app restricts their ability to initiate conversation.



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