Chatiw Review – Features and Costs

Chatiw offers free chat room that lets you chat with thousands of people across the globe without restrictions, all through your desktop or phone. With a quick registration that promises as much anonymity as you wish, you’ll be in contact with someone more quickly than if you were to walk down into the street. From sending your first chat to joining a random video chat room, forming a connection with a potential future spouse or your next casual fling are both equally likely.

Chatiw reivew
Chatiw reivew

How Does Chatiw Work?


Chatiw’s free site offers an express registration process. Its chatroom set up doesn’t require any tedious email submission and password creation. Just a few general bits of information about yourself need to be entered for you to create a temporary profile, including your gender, age and gender of interest. You may also choose to share your location with the site through its GPS system designed to find you more matches near to you. On a free account, the only bit of personalization required is a choice of username which you can pick to either match your real name or any other you feel is expressive of you.

The brief information you have provided during your registration process will be made publicly visible on your profile and anyone who is online will have access to it. However, it is important to note that whenever you leave the site or after a few hours of inactivity, your temporary profile and all the information submitted will be deleted. Hence, every time you want to access the Chatiw site, you will have to go through this registration process again.

If this sounds too tedious or time-consuming, purchasing a paid membership will let you bypass that. With such an upgraded subscription, Chatiw will ask you to create a regular profile linked to your email and secured with a password. You will, therefore, be able to log in and out as many times as you wish without losing your profile and the information on it.


With your profile all set up, you can now start exploring the site by contacting other members. Anytime you browse through a profile that catches your eye, you can send them a message. Since free accounts only appear when the member is online, chatting becomes instantaneous and quick. However, you will have to keep an eye on the number of messages you send every day if you have signed up for free. You will need to become a VIP member to unlock unlimited texts and be able to send links or numbers. Nevertheless, anyone is still able to send pictures which can be a great feature considering the fact that the free registration does not let you upload an actual picture.

Main & Special Features

As the name suggests, Chatiw does identify itself more specifically as a chat system that hopes to connect people around the world. This particular emphasis on finding future partners by initiating conversations with other members gives its platform a more communication-oriented interface.

Chat History

This lets you have quick access to all the conversations which you have already initiated. As a main feature on the home page, this is especially useful for VIP members since these get cleared up every time a non-paying user logs out.

Search Feature

Chatiw is all about that chance encounter and instant connection. The app lets you browse through a list of usernames who are online at the same time as you so you can avoid that unnerving wait for a reply. This also means that you are likely to find people in the same time zone to you or with similar daily schedules which certainly makes it easier to meet in real life.

Location Setting

You have the option to set your location manually or use the site’s GPS feature to automatically set it wherever you are. Either way, Chatiw will help you connect with users nearby whether you are relaxing at home or enjoying a holiday abroad.

Video Chat

If texting is not your cup of tea, or you simply enjoy a more intimate face to face, Chatiw offers a range of video chat options. You can contact people who are online or join a pre-existing video chat rooms to meet new users.

Blog Posts

The site also has a unique database of writers who publish blog posts on a variety of topics. These come in the form of advice or recommendations on dating and relationships all of which are accessible from the home page free of charge.

Safety Tips

Even though anyone with a phone and an internet connection can sign up to Chatiw, there’s no need to compromise your safety. A unique link will send you to a page filled with advice and tips on how to stay safe on the platform and avoid any ill-intentioned encounters. You can then enjoy the perks of its large members base without getting tricked by the scammer.

External Links

You can explore a range of affiliate online chatting and video platforms to try out other ways of connecting with members.

Costs and Prices  

Chatiw is entirely free to sign up to and use: you can send limited chats, search for members and access your chat history. However, like most dating sites, a VIP membership lets you unlock a variety of additional features. These mostly aim to improve your user experience by getting your profile priority attention and removing ads. You will also unlock unlimited messages through which you can send any numbers or links. VIP membership will also let you keep your profile active and help you avoid constant bot security screenings

VIP Subscription

  • $4.95 for 1 month
  • $25.95 for 6 months
  • $49.94 for 12 months
  • $99.95 for a lifetime subscription


  • Free access to large members base
  • Efficient chat system
  • Quick registration
  • Anonymous profiles
  • More casual dating


  • Limited features outside of chat service
  • Potential scammers and fake accounts
  • Difficult to reliably meet someone you can trust on the site
  • No interest-based matching

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