Bumble Review 2021: A Female-Friendly Dating App

Bumble review

Over the past few years, Bumble has gained a reputation as one of the most female-friendly and effective dating apps on the market. Designed to maximize convenience for its female users, Bumble features a streamlined interface that helps users go from match to date (or hookup) in no time.

In this Bumble review, we’ll go over the app’s mechanics and provide a little review so that you can decide whether or not bumble is for you.

How Does Bumble Work?

If you’re new to Bumble, you’ll want to spend some time acclimating to the rules. That’s because the app is unlike any other you’ve likely ever come across. Specifically, Bumble allows only its female users to initiate conversations. This move, which is designed to cut down on sex spamming, gives more power to its female users. For men to use the app, they must first be selected and matched by a female user.

This doesn’t mean men are completely at the mercy of female users, however. One a male has been matched, a female has twenty-four hours to initiate a conversation, or the match will disappear. This incentivizes conversation and ensures that men get a say in the app, as well. Bumble’s unique interface has made it one of the most talked-about apps in the market today. Knowing this, let’s take a look at some other important information regarding the app.

Is Bumble Safe?

For women, there is no safer app than Bumble. The one app that promotes female empowerment and gives females maximum autonomy in the dating process, Bumble cuts back on the spam and harassment that females routinely see on apps such as Tinder. The app also has a number of privacy protections in place that are designed to enhance security and promote an atmosphere that’s comfortable to both male and female users. For this reason, safety is the number one area of emphasis in nearly every Bumble review.

Is Bumble a Hookup App?

With all this being said, it’s time to answer another question: is Bumble a hookup app? The short answer is no. The long answer is no, but it’s used for that purpose. While most Bumble users are looking for something a little more serious than a casual experience, there are a number of users who use the app successfully to find hookups. Still, don’t be surprised if you find it harder to connect with singles for pure sex on this app.


Still not sure if Bumble is for you? Let’s take a look at some pros to help you decide! These pros will help you understand why Bumble is consistently ranked as one of the top online dating apps.

  1. Female-Focused

As mentioned, Bumble distinguishes itself by putting its female members first. This makes it one of the best apps for females who are tired of receiving unsolicited pictures and other inappropriate content on dating apps. Bumble has a reputation of upholding the integrity of its female users, so it’s no wonder the app is consistently rated as one of the best by women.

  1. Extra Features

There are a number of extra features that allow individuals to communicate after the initial match. One such feature is the BFF option, which allows matched users to become friends and take their connection to a deeper level. This added feature makes the app more than just an evanescent hookup app, where connections are hard to maintain.


Now let’s balance these pros by taking a look at some of the negative aspects of the app in this Bumble review. There are two main cons that you should know about before deciding whether the app is right for you.

  1. Limiting

The biggest complaint about Bumble comes from male users, who are unable to initiate their own conversations. This essentially means that men do not have their pick of the litter, as do women, making the dating options on this app more limiting.

  1. Facebook Verification

In order to use this app, users must verify their accounts through Facebook. While the program claims anonymity, some users may be wary of connecting the two accounts. This is especially problematic for users who do not have a Facebook profile. While the synchronization has been shown to reduce the number of fake profiles, it may turn some people away from using the service.

The Bottom Line

Bumble is one of the fastest-growing dating apps for female users around the world. This is primarily because of the extra precautions the app takes to ensure the privacy, safety, and convenience of female users. Bumble makes it easy for women to cut back on the spam by allowing them sole authority to initiate conversations.

Despite these limitations, the app remains popular for both men and women. If you’re looking for a quality dating app in the New Year, reference this Bumble review to decide whether the app is right for you!

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