10 Most Popular Free Dating Apps 2021

Free dating apps
Free dating apps

Dating apps seem to be the best way to find a perfect partner in the modern age. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for casual encounters, romantic encounters, or new friendships. The most popular mobile dating apps have options that can accommodate all users. Of course, people have a tough time figuring out which dating apps is right for them. There are so many dating apps advertised, such as OKCupid, Tinder, and Bumble. What are the differences between them? Are they all free dating apps?

Below you will find a list of the top 10 most popular free dating apps of 2019. Don’t worry, you can download every dating app for free that is listed here.


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. It has some similarities to Hinge because it is designed for younger adult singles and it links to members’ Facebook profiles. For instance, when you create a new Tinder account and fill in the details of your profile, Tinder will ask you to link it to your Facebook profile so that your details can be verified. This will help ensure you are the person that you claim to be in your profile.

However, the main difference between Tinder and Hinge is that Tinder is more of a hookup app. People often use Tinder to set up casual dating encounters and hookups for themselves. Although it can still be used to find romantic relationships, you’ll probably have a harder time finding others who are looking for the same. Tinder has a reputation for being about quick hookups with singles and with couples who want a threesome.

Regardless of your intentions, Tinder focuses heavily on the location of your matches. It will conduct a social search that allows you to simply swipe left or right to indicate whether you want to chat with them or not. Tinder is a free dating app but there are limitations on how many members you can chat within a 12-hour time slot. If you upgrade your membership, you can chat with unlimited matches.

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OkCupid gives members the chance to learn more specific details about their matches. You can share your personal stories, interests, goals for the future, and anything else that is fascinating about yourself. To help members get matched up with the right people, the app has everyone fill out a series of multiple-choice questions relating to their personal traits and desires. If other members happen to share those same things, you will be matched with them.

The OkCupid free dating app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. If you already have an OkCupid account on the website version, you can use your login credentials for their dating app as well. Otherwise, you will have the option to register for a new account directly from the app. Registration is free and once you are done, you can begin searching for matches right on your mobile device. If you find someone that looks compatible, you can send them a message. As soon as they reply, you will receive a message notification.

Since it is a free dating app, you will see advertisements pop up. If you upgrade to a paid membership, you can eliminate the ads. You will also be able to see who “liked” your profile, even if you have not liked their profile yet. This will help you figure out who really is interested in you. However, the free membership still lets you sustain communication with members that you’re matched with. For most people, that’s good enough for them.


PlentyOfFish, also known as POF, is a dating platform that was started in Canada. It is one of the few free dating apps which provides members with lots of high-quality features. Perhaps the best free feature is the ability to communicate with other members. There is no need to upgrade to a premium membership in order to do that. As of this year, there are over 90 million registered users on the POF dating platform. The more members that keep joining, the better chances you’ll have of meeting someone which whom you are truly compatible with.

POF matches its members based on their compatibility and personality traits. According to reports, POF is responsible for creating more than one million relationships annually. This leaves pretty good odds that you’ll find someone to start a relationship with too. Also, POF has designed their platform so that only female members can send pictures of themselves. Male members are restricted from doing so. Although, they can still upload a photograph of themselves to their profile page. They just can’t directly send a picture to a match.

If you are looking for a truly free dating app that has huge potential, you won’t find a better app than POF.

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The dating app “Zoosk” has been available online since 2007. It is now available in over 80 nations and can be accessed in 25 different languages. Users can either use a desktop chat client on their regular computer or they can download the mobile app onto their Android or iOS device.

The thing that makes Zoosk so unique is that it has a “behavioral matchmaking engine” built into it. Basically, this engine will keep track of your actions on the platform. Based on the profiles you click on and the people you send messages to, the engine will be able to recommend better matches to you as time goes on. This algorithm is truly original as it is a form of artificial intelligence that keeps enhancing its ability to recommend quality matches to you.

The layout of the Zoosk mobile dating app is quite attractive. It is even easy to find your way around and choose the features that you want to use. Plus, there are over 26 million members on the platform right now. The best part is that 52% of these members are female while 48% are male. Whenever the ratio is greater for females, this makes it easier for men to find quality matches.



In 2012, an entrepreneur named Justin McLeod founded the free dating app known as Hinge. By this point, Facebook had already become the main social media network on the internet. McLeod had the idea of creating a dating app which had a different kind of match suggestion system. Instead of only suggesting matches based on similar personality traits and interests, Hinge recommends matches that have the same friends on Facebook as you do. The idea is that if you both have the same friends, then you are probably within the same social circle. This means that you’re more likely to get along and establish a real connection when you meet up in person.

Hinge is often recommended for younger adults looking for friendships and relationships, due to the social media integration. Hinge offers free memberships to those who want a basic account. You will still be able to search for matches and message them. Filters for the free search include height, location, gender, religion, and age. But if you choose to pay for a premium membership upgrade, you will receive additional filter options like marijuana, children, smoking, political affiliation, and whether you are a drug user and/or alcohol user. If you’ve received likes to your profile, you can see those too.


Happn is a unique free dating app because it lets members find matches that they may have inadvertently walked by on the street without realizing it. The formula of this dating app combines chance encounters with the traditional mechanics of online dating. The app keeps track of your location and the places you have gone. When you go to search for matches, you will get to see other members who have gone to those same locations. This makes it easier to strike up a conversation with these members because you will have something in common to talk about. As a result, you are more likely going to form a connection.

Happn is downloadable for both Android and iOS. As you go browsing through various matches, you will have the ability to “like” someone you’re interested in. The neat thing is they won’t even realize you liked them until they like you. After that is surprise reveal is made, it will just reaffirm that the two of you truly do like each other. However, there is less information about their personality implemented into this dating platform. You will need to take advantage of the chat feature and ask them questions about who they are prior to meeting them.


The Clover free dating app serves a variety of purposes. Members can choose to look for partners interested in casual dating, casual hookups, sexting chats, or serious romantic relationships. There are so many ways to communicate with other members, such as email and live chat. There are no restrictions placed on the chatting either. When you want to set up a date with another member, the app has a date request feature which makes it easy to set up and confirm your dates.

Members have the freedom to customize their profiles in a lot of different ways. They will be asked a series of 20 questions about themselves and what they’re looking for. This will ensure that members are able to find the appropriate matches who share their interests and goals. If you remain as a free member, you can use the premium features if you earn special coins. The way to earn these coins is to do things like advertising the app on your social media channel. If you choose to pay for these features, they will include more filtering options for your matches.

Members have the option to display their GPS location to other members or not. If you want to remain anonymous as you browse various profiles, you can do that. Communication can be initiated by liking another member, text messaging them, chatting with them, or sending them a gift. The Clover app can be downloaded on most Android and iOS devices.


The Badoo dating app is like a combination of a social network and dating website rolled into one. Most of the platform’s main features are free for members to use. It is suitable for anyone looking for serious romantic relationships, mere friendships, or casual hookups. Members have the option to verify their profile with the moderators of the app. That way, they can prove to other members that their picture and profile information are real.

Badoo does not use a traditional matching system where it compares personality traits between members. Instead, members can include their interests, pictures, videos, and location on their profile. You will be able to see all the matches who live near you. Plus, when you go to strike a conversation with another member through the app, you will be able to conduct a video chat or select a “selfie request.” The latter will take a live picture of the member from their phone and instantly send it to you. That way, you know that you are really talking to the same person as the picture displays in their profile.

Although the algorithm for matching is not too advanced, Badoo is a fun dating app which lets you see your matches and verify their existence before you ever arrange to meet them in person. And if you want to unlock all the premium features, it is only going to cost you $2.99 for 100 credits. You can spend these credits however you want without obligating yourself to a monthly charge.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Three sisters came up with the idea for the Coffee Meets Bagel dating website back in 2012. Their names are Soo Kang, Arum Kang, and Dawoon Kang. The website was originally exclusive to New York City residents only, but then it launched further into other cities like Boston. By the end of that year, the official Coffee Meets Bagel dating app was released for people in San Francisco. Over the next three years, the dating platform grew in popularity fast.

Coffee Meets Bagel connects with Facebook to help its members find quality matches. Rather than just giving you a big list of possible matches, it will recommend your mutual friends on Facebook as matches. This increases the success rate of finding the right partner, whether it is casual or romantic. New members will enjoy the interactive guides and tutorials which help you learn how to use the app.

There are more females on the platform than males. This is unusual for a dating platform because usually, it is the other way around. But it gives men more opportunities to find compatible women who are friends with people they are friends with on Facebook. Perhaps your mutual friend could introduce you to each other.


Bumble has been called the female version of Tinder. In other words, Bumble gives female members more power over the male members. For instance, in most dating platforms, single men are always the ones starting conversations with other female members. One female member could be getting dozens of messages from lots of different men who are interested in her. However, she is likely not going to be interested in them. This will create a lot of bad feelings and tension between members on the website.

So, what Bumble does is it prevents men from starting any conversations with the female members. The women must be the ones to initiate the conversation before men can send messages to them. This ensures that the women are interested in the men they are communicating with. As a result, there is a better chance that the hookup or date will work out nicely for both of them.

To further ensure that members are authentic, they must connect their Facebook profiles to their Bumble accounts. Although men might have to wait longer to find a match, at least they won’t be disappointed by getting dozens of rejections from women who don’t reply back to them. They’ll know when a woman is interested because she will send a message first.

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