9 Best Gay Dating Apps (Free and Paid) In 2021

Top gay dating apps
Top gay dating apps

It’s the twenty-first century and finding your gay partner has never been easier. With several great gay dating apps on the market, gay singles across the globe can now connect in ways never-before-possible.

These popular gay dating apps include both free and paid options. This versatility offers something for gay singles of all kinds. Below, we take a look at nine of the most popular gay dating apps that you should be using!

  1. Grindr

Grindr is one of the most popular gay apps in the world. With millions of active users, it’s the most popular option in the United States.

Best of all, Grindr has both free and paid options to provide the best user experience. Singles looking to view more profiles, for instance, may choose to sign up for a premium account. Additionally, they’ll get the opportunity to see if another person has read their messages.

However, those looking for a free option can still browse through profiles to find singles interested in them. Great for hookups and more serious relationships, Grindr is the gay app of choice for most.

  1. GROWLr

GROWLr is a specialized gay app that focuses on “bear” singles.

This app focuses on a particular subsection of the gay community. Individuals who use GROWLr typically are stronger, hairier men—often more middle-aged.

GROWLr provides all the services needed to find and hookup with local bears in your community. Meet and greet other singles through instant messaging features to find the bear right for you.

  1. Jack’d

Jack’d is another incredibly-popular gay app. Often considered a more serious version of Grindr, Jack’d offers many of the same benefits—without all the drama. Because Jack’d features a crowd more focused on relationships and less on hookups, many find it to be better for dating.

Like Grindr, however, Jack’d offers a mix of paid and free services. Namely, those who pay can browse more profiles. Those who don’t pay still have access to powerful features, such as the ability to instant message others and even upload, lock, and unlock private pictures.

For this reason, Jack’d enjoys a strong North American following.


SCRUFF is one of the oldest and most-established gay dating apps on the market. Most popular in the UK, this app boasts many of the same features as its rivals.

Singles looking both for a good time and for serious relationships can hookup and find partners through this community-based app. With over 12 million singles across the globe, SCRUFF literally has millions of people to choose from.

Browse through a series of local pictures and profiles to find the singles right for you.

  1. Surge

Surge proves to be one of the hottest gay dating apps on the market. Right now, Surge is trending upwards and has one of the fastest-growing userbases in the gay dating arena.

Surge currently enjoys most of its success in the US market. Its cutting-edge platform draws from other dating apps—of both the gay and the straight variety. For example, users are able to swipe left and right on over two million singles. Once a mutual interest has been established, users will be able to start chatting with one another.

Currently, Surge is searched more times on the Apple store each month than any other gay dating app. Its popularity can be attributed to its clean-cut appearance and user-friendly interface.

  1. Gay Dating & Gay Chat – DISCO

DISCO provides individuals access to over 30 million gay singles. This interactive platform does away with fee-based activities, providing a completely-free experience.

Those using DISCO can use a number of different filters to find singles who are similar to them. From education to height, these filters help singles find their right match.

  1. Hornet

Hornet is one of the longest-lasting gay dating apps on the market. It owes its staying power to a variety of features that keep users engaged.

Notably, Hornet features a social community-based feature in which users can share their experiences and moments in their own personal feeds. These interactive feeds can be commented on by others.

Hornet also has social discovery features that show you popular events in the area, allowing you to meet gay singles with similar interests. For this reason, Hornet proves to be one of the most popular dating apps for those looking for a long-term relationship.

  1. Blued

One of the most popular gay dating apps in the world, Blued offers a number of powerful features. Users can sort through a variety of different profiles and even live stream and broadcast to earn followers.

Blued makes it incredibly easy to find singles in your area. A Chinese app, Blued has most of its millions of users in mainland China. An international app, however, does exist with many of the same features. The difference comes in that the Chinese version of the app offers access to live streams in mainland China—which are restricted in other countries.

Those broadcasting have the opportunity to earn “beans,” which can then be translated into real currency.

For this reason, Blued ranks as one of the most innovative and user-friendly gay dating apps on the market.

  1. ROMEO

ROMEO is the gay dating app of choice for millions of singles for a reason. This powerful platform has a fresh design and several features that make it one of the most innovative on the market.

Notably, ROMEO provides video calling features that let singles communicate better. It also includes a number of free search filters, as well as the ability to hide your specific GPS location.

Even better, ROMEO gives users the ability to briefly share their private pictures. These allow others to see your private photos only for a few seconds before they disappear.

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