AdultFriendFinder Review 2020: The Largest Sex Hookup Site

If you hear anyone talking about casual dating online then AdultFriendFinder will for sure come up at some point or another. With more than 80 million users, its members base outnumbers some of the biggest dating sites out there. With such big numbers also comes a huge variety. Whatever you might be looking for, whether it is just for a one-time hook-up, something more regular or even just to exchange some private videos – AdultFriendFinder will find a match even for your most specific curiosities.

A quick disclaimer though for those looking for long-term romance the clue is in the title that this might not be the best site for that. Once you drop such expectations, it also means that it is unlikely that you will be leaving the site without having found something that matches your interest. AdultFriendFinder can get as wild or chill as you want it to, all the features are there to arrange that for you, however, this can make navigating the platform both an exciting and daunting thing. To help with that, here are a few details on how exactly AdultFriendFinder works and some tips on how to get around to make the most out of the site.

adultfriendfinder review - adultfriendfinder home page
adultfriendfinder review – adultfriendfinder home page

How Does AdultFriendFinder Work?


The first step requires just a handful of minutes of your time and an email to create your account. Registration only asks you a few basic questions and is otherwise free of charge. The main piece of information the platform cares about is your sexual orientation and your sexual preference. Feel free to select as many as you wish and get your first taste of AdultFriendFinder’s varied and relaxed scene. As unrestricted as it is, it also values privacy as your name will not be publicly shown, instead, you are encouraged to pick out a unique username to put your profile under. The final step lets you fill out a questionnaire to help the site tailor its search engines to what you are looking for and make the site into a more personal experience.

Exploring and Sharing Posts

Once you are registered, you can access the main explore page. AdultFriendFinder acts as a sort of exclusive adult social media platform where you can browse through the content and the profiles behind them, leaving likes and comments on them. Unlike social media platforms, most of it contains mature uncensored content shared across photos, recordings, blogposts or even live videos. Expect nudity of all sorts and from all corners of the world as most people will be looking for purely sexual encounters and hook-ups, whether it be men, women or couples from any nationality you can think of. This lack of formality is great if you are open to trying something new.

Browsing Through Profiles

If you like knowing a bit more about the person before contacting them, you can check out their profiles which will show their posts and sexual interests. The personal information on these profiles is unlikely to get much more personal than someone’s particular kink, most of it will include the basic information submitted during registration. Depending on how private or open a specific person wishes to be, you might be able to see a short description, their location or even personality type. To see users’ full profiles beyond their recent photos or videos does require a premium subscription.

Promoting your Own Profile

Whilst you are browsing through other people’s posts and busy getting into group chats, you can also promote your own profile. For those feeling more creative, AdultFriendFinder lets you write short stories and even film and publish vlogs. Posting on a regular basis will not only keep the people you have already met updated with your life, but this will also increase your exposure and the chances for other people to catch a glance at your profile. Also, remember that you are free to edit your profile anytime you want, so don’t worry about adding or changing a few details on there.

Getting in contact

Once you find a profile that you might be interested in, you can leave a like or comment on one of their posts to get their attention. But you don’t have to stop there, AdultFriendFinder offers a large variety of special features which let you communicate and interact with its members, this includes messages, live-streams, group chats, magazines, and a few less conventional ones, all of which will be discussed further below.

If you want to get to know a member more closely than a group chatroom, upgrading to the premium subscription will be required for you to exchange more private communications. This will namely let you access private chat messaging, send and receive texts and create a friend list. Of course, everyone’s budget and enthusiasm will vary, so try to identify what you specifically want to get out of AdultFriendFinder and decide accordingly.

Main & Special Features

AdultFriendFinder’s site is just as exciting as the encounters it promises. It is built to let its members experiment, not only in terms of their sexual interests but also with as many forms of communication as possible. Even if you are not as open to the first part, there is a special feature to match everyone’s needs. Naturally, some of the special features offered will require a Gold Membership, but you will still be able to have some fun even with the standard free subscription.

Groups and Adult Chatrooms

Whatever topic crosses your mind, there likely is a group chat of people with the same thoughts. Join any one of the thousands of adult chatrooms to exchange shared interests and get to know the community a bit better. You can also create your own on any topic you like to share your thoughts on. Sometimes algorithms don’t match you as effectively as you might wish, or you might be tired of scrolling endlessly through posts, groups and adult chatrooms are a great way for you to meet people who are into the same things as you are. Luckily, you can access all this socializing for free.

Live Member Webcams

One of the more popular features, lets you watch any member who is online and currently filming a live public video. It is also with this particular feature that AdultFriendFinder tends to blur the lines between dating apps and more mature adult sites. Either way, it is easily accessible from the main homepage which lets you instantly connect with members who are online at the same time as you.

Blogs and Magazine

If live acting is not really your thing but you wish to express yourself with a little more time to think about it, its magazine and blog feature offers just that. You can create your own personal online journal where you can share your thoughts or write stories for everyone to read. Members can also leave comments which are a great gateway to more private interaction.


If you are feeling competitive, you can check out the contests set up by AdultFriendFinder. Each of them will have a specific theme attached to it and will most often require you to submit a photo or video in response. The member who has amassed the most likes or votes for their post will be chosen as the winner. This is great if you want to meet likeminded people who have fun in a similar way to you, or just to get more exposure on your profile.


If live streams and public group chatrooms are a bit too much for you, flirt is a more discreet and straightforward way of letting someone know that you might be interested in them. You can access this feature on their profile by sending them the wink emoji. However, to be able to access their profile and send someone a flirt, you will need a paid membership. Nevertheless, you will still get notified if someone has flirted with you but with a basic subscription, you will not be able to respond to them.


Hotlist is a free feature that lets you flag any profiles you find interesting and add them to your private list. You can then easily find the profiles again and browse through your favorites. This feature is free and especially practical if you are looking for multiple things at the same time. 80 million people can seem like a lot, so being able to trim this number down to something more manageable definitely makes the user experience more enjoyable.

Erotic Stories

Fiction and non-fiction intertwine in the most imaginative of ways in these Erotic Stories. From budding romance writers to avid readers of erotica, both come together on this special feature to share and exchange their craziest stories. Whether these are real or completely made up is hard to tell, and that is part of the charm of AdultFriendFinder.

Sex Academy

This is a rather unconventional back to school which lets you access a variety of online classes in video format. These give tips on various sex and dating strategies and provide information for various techniques. However, all this wise knowledge does come at a price, usually in the form of a premium subscription or other additional costs.

Send Gifts

If you are a bit of a romantic or just are feeling generous, then don’t let the virtual distance stop you from sending a little gift to someone. This feature lets you send virtual gifts to anyone you like and there is no need to worry about the price tag. The only thing you do have to worry about is whether you have a premium subscription or not.


If you are feeling extra generous, you can show your appreciation for a member’s content by sending them a tip. This also lets you show your support for users’ content and the posts they publish and can encourage them to stay active on the platform.

Costs and Prices  

Before giving your wallet a hard time, here is a brief reminder of all the features you can access using the free version:

  • Create a profile and share posts, including photos and videos
  • Join any group chatroom
  • Browse through members’ posts and videos
  • Publish blogs and journals
  • Like and comment on posts
  • Create your own Hotlist

Upgrading to AdultFriendFinder’s premium membership will grant you access to the following additional features:

  • Viewing members’ full profiles
  • Read and send messages on private chats
  • Watch users’ livestreams
  • Add people as friends
  • Send gifts and flirts
  • Access to Sex Academy

Now that all these additional features have charmed you, here are the price listings if you wish to upgrade to the paid Gold Membership.

  • $39.95 for one month
  • $26.95 per month for 3 months
  • $19.95 per month for 12 months

Compared to most other sex dating sites, its prices range towards the upper-middle band. Naturally, it is more profitable to get a longer year-long subscription.

Is AdultFriendFinder Safe?

To register onto AdultFriendFinder you need to provide a valid email address. This tries to ensure that you are not a robot and that you remain traceable if your profile gets reported. If a member is found to be guilty of some form of harassment, the site will ensure that they will get banned from the site.

Like most online sites, the risk of scams and fake profiles is always one to be on the lookout for. Since the site does not require you to validate your photo or identity, people are free to post whatever they want. On the other hand, AdultFriendFinder also ensures that your own privacy is preserved as you are not required to reveal any private details.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely varied member base, from all over the world
  • Some unique features
  • Great for casual sex
  • Find people to get in touch with at any time of the day
  • Open environment to experiment with different sexual interests
  • Accessible interface


  • Higher men to women ratio
  • Somewhat outdated site layout
  • Paid membership is required to access some of the additional features
  • Risk of fake profiles and other scams

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