10 Tinder-Like Dating Apps In 2021

Tinder-like apps
Tinder-like apps

Tired of Tinder?

Want a solid dating app alternative that will bring you all the same great features, just with a different crowd?

We’ve got you covered.

Our list of ten Tinder-like dating apps below will show you some of the best dating apps on the market.

  1. OkCupid Dating

OkCupid Dating offers one of the best experiences for those looking to have serious dates.

Unlike Tinder and other casual dating apps, OkCupid is unique in that it provides multiple ways in which users can find partners with similar preferences to them.

To do this, OkCupid has integrated much of its famed functionality from their flagship dating site. This includes a preferences survey that allows the app to match users with others who have similar interests.

Because of this, OkCupid Dating distances itself from casual and hook-up apps that are designed more for having a good time.

Marketed for those who are serious about finding a partner, OkCupid provides one of the most authentic dating experiences in the mobile market.

  1. Bumble

Bumble is one of the most interesting dating apps on the market—and a favorite of the ladies.

That’s because Bumble deviates from the norm by letting women make the first move.

That’s right—only women can send the first message here, giving them the ability to hit up only the men they like.

For all you ladies out there, this is a great way to keep unwanted messages out of your inbox.

And for men—you don’t have to worry about being rejected because all the women will be coming to you.

But that’s not all. Bumble has grown to include networking opportunities, making it a great way for millennials to connect based on a variety of common factors.

And because they’ll have the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals in the same career, those on Bumble can build long-lasting relationships.

Just remember that on Bumble, everything is “Ladies first.”

  1. Jack’d

Jack’d is arguably the largest gay dating app for men.

With millions of users across the country, Jack’d connects gay men with others who are looking for everything from casual hookups to serious relationships.

Jack’d has grown popular for showing users other singles in their area and for providing several search filters to help users find others their type.

Among other apps in the LGBT community, Jack’d enjoys a reputation as a more serious dating app. Though it does feature a robust casual crowd, it also has a fair portion of its user base dedicated to finding real singles.

Photo verification options add an extra layer of safety by allowing users to only contact individuals who have been verified through the platform.

For those looking for a quality gay dating app, make Jack’d your first choice.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

One of the most original dating apps on the market, Coffee Meets Bagel revolutionizes the online dating scene.

It does so through a one-of-a-kind design.

Unlike Tinder, where men and women have to swipe left and right looking for a match, Coffee Meets Bagel delivers a daily list of potential suitors to women.

The best part of all is that the list contains only men who have already swiped their approval, meaning that women never have to choose from men who aren’t interested in them.

Coffee Meets Bagel even goes the extra mile to ensure that the list contains only the most suitable men. In order to do this, the app uses complex algorithms to filter out the most highly-suited men from the list of potential suitors.

The end result?

Women are left with an opportunity to choose from a pool of guys who not only match their preferences, but also those who have already expressed their own desire for these women.

Say goodbye to rejection with Coffee Meets Bagel today!

  1. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular dating sites in the world, and now you can harness all the great power of their site with their new mobile app.

The Plenty of Fish mobile app gives you access to millions of singles right at your fingertips.

Because of its design based on the company’s flagship website, users can expect to have a more serious dating experience.

Unlike other apps that are geared toward casual encounters and hookups, Plenty of Fish works to connect singles on shared preferences.

Seamlessly transition from the website to the app so that you can stay connected with potential partners everywhere.

  1. Hinge

Are you looking for an app that works a little closer to home?

It’s time to check out Hinge. In the beginning, Hinge would match you with prospective partners based on mutual friends you shared with that partner on Facebook.

Compared to other mobile dating applications, that’s not very random. Recently, however, Hinge has removed the Facebook signup feature. Still, the app provides a great place to meet singles who are looking in your area.

In addition, this free-to-download app matches you with other hopefuls based off your answers to certain questions. These questionnaires are designed to provide you with the ultimate match.

So don’t wait. If you are looking for a good online dating app, try Hinge today.

You just may meet that special someone.

  1. Zoe

Are you a woman… looking for the woman of your dreams?

If so, you may just find her on Zoe.

Zoe is one of the world’s most popular lesbian dating apps. Similar to other LGBT dating apps like Grindr, Zoe seeks to provide an online dating space for those who don’t identify as straight. Whether you are lesbian, bisexual, or genderqueer, Zoe offers a unique experience just for you.

Specifically, the app advertises itself as “not just another lesbian dating app.” A quick look at reviews proves this to be true. Users love the cute layout and the ease with which they can meet other interested girls.

If you’ve tried other apps like Her and didn’t think they did the trick, it’s time to see what Zoe has to offer you.

  1. League

League is an exclusive dating app that caters to the elite among us. As such, not just anyone can sign up. In order to become a member, you must link your LinkedIn profile and input your university information for review.

If you pass the review stage, you will be in to see elite matches just like you! This automatic selection process helps narrow down your selection pool and provide you with the perfect match.

You’ll enjoy searching through singles who are just as qualified as you. With League, you’ll never have to worry about people who aren’t quite at your level. Instead, meet that classy individual who’s going places—just like you are.

If you don’t make the selection process for the League, don’t worry. There are tons of other apps available where you can meet that special someone.

  1. Zoosk

Zoosk is one of the most popular dating apps on the market. With website options also available, it’s a leader in online dating.

As you might expect, then, Zoosk is not completely free to use. To use Zoosk on a month-by-month basis, you can expect to pay $29.95 per month. You could also pay $12.95 a month for six months for a cheaper deal.

Either way, you are guaranteed access to one of the world’s leading dating apps. With countless singles who are looking for true love just like you, you’ll never be without someone to talk to.

Zoosk has a strong track record of helping people meet and stay together. By downloading and setting up your account, you could be the next success story of this world-famous app!

  1. Happn

What if you’ve already met the love of your life and you just don’t know it yet?

With Happn, you may just find out this is the case!

Happn is a unique dating app that not only shows you profiles of nearby individuals but also reveals the location of the last place the two of you crossed paths. Did you meet at the library? Pass by each other at the coffee shop?

It’s all part of the mystery. Happn allows you to like profiles of members you are interested in—but don’t worry, no one will be notified unless they like your profile, as well.

In short, Happn is the perfect app for those with a bit of creative spirit. If you love a little intrigue, download this app to start chatting with nearby singles today!

The Bottom Line

With the right dating app, there’s no reason you can’t make 2019 the best year of your life! Finally, meet up with that special someone and start the life you’ve been dreaming of.

This list contains ten of the best and most diverse dating apps for singles. Mix and match and play with a few until you find the one that’s best for you. With so many options, you are bound to find the app that suits your needs.

And, of course, the person of your dreams.


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